Picture Books 6-Months Plan

$188.95 now, and $188.95 on the 10th day of every 6th month

Save 10% $34.99/month  $31.49/month

Every month My Zoom Box will deliver a themed box featuring 2-3 picture books with Black characters rocking it out in cool tales of fantasy, humor, or adventure.  These high-quality picture books combine engaging illustrations with lively, memorable text. At least one of the books will match the current month’s theme.

We combine the curated books with awesome swag and access to our online portal of educational games for the ultimate reading experience that is fun while supporting academic success.  See the description down below to learn more about picture books and why they are awesome.

If there is a sibling in the same age category that will share the books, you have the option of adding additional swag for that sister or brother.

[If this is a gift, you will be able to share the receiving parent’s email with us. We will alert her (or him) about your awesome gift-giving ways and provide the parent with their own account access.  Would you like a digital gift announcement to print or email?  We got you covered. Check it out down below and HERE.]

  • Child's Information

    There may be opportunities to include books with topics relating to special interests. Select below any of the interests that relate to the child:

  • Sibling Swag Addon

    Optional: If there is a sibling in the same age category that will share the books, you have the option of adding swag just for that sister or brother, for an additional monthly cost of $5 per child.

    One set of books to share but individual swag for the sibling will be added to the box. Up to 2 additional siblings. 

    The siblings will also be given their own account on the Zoom Box Club House portal of educational games.

    • + $5/box
    • + $5/box

    Who (age 4-7) gets the 2nd set of picture book swag?

    • + $5/box
    • + $5/box

    Who (age 4-7) gets the 3rd picture book swag?

  • Your FREE Gift With Purchase - A Set of Two T-shirts

    For a limited time, subscriptions of 3-month plans or higher will include, as a free gift, a set of matching READING IS LIT t-shirts. One t-shirt for an adult and one for your mini-me. You also have the option of selecting 2 child sizes instead. Either way, you can enjoy them as a family affair - and look oh so fly.

First payment: January 10, 2025

Renewal Payments & Shipping Info

PAYMENTS:  This subscription is charged to your credit card on the date of purchase and then not again until six months later. 6-Months plans will renew every six months, on the 10th of that renewal month. You can cancel your subscription renewals anytime in your account.

SHIPPING FEE:  A flat shipping rate of $6/month will be added to the subscription price.

SHIPPING DATES:  Your initial box order will ship out within 5 days of purchase. Ongoing book boxes ship between the 10th and the 15th of the month.

Picture Books (Age 4-7)

Picture books are conventionally 32 pages long and are targeted at children ages 2 to 8. They use illustrations to tell the story and are designed to be read aloud.

Listening to a picture book read-aloud benefits children of all ages. They can concentrate on comprehension, inference, and predicting what will happen next while someone else carries the reading load.

As children develop their own reading skills, picture books are building blocks for young readers that promote literacy, vocabulary skills, sentence structure, and story analysis. The rhythm and rhyme of picture books makes them easy to understand and fun to read aloud, helping children to learn words quickly.

At a most basic level, picture books help kids understand that words convey meaning—connecting the pictures in the book with the words on the page. Kids will check pictures on the page for background knowledge or contextual clues for vocabulary development. They even use the images to learn the names of new objects.